Send Table Data to SQL Stored Procedure

I'll apologize ahead of time for the formatting. I don't have the full version of WordPress to access better color coding and widgets. I ran across an issue where I need to send a DataTable to a SQL Server stored procedure for processing. All of this is for a site called This is how … Continue reading Send Table Data to SQL Stored Procedure

Private NuGet Package Publishing

Enable search of private Nuget package source Pick a shared folder on your network to host your private Nuget packages. In Visual Studio choose to Manage Nuget Packages. This is available by right clicking your current open project. Note Package source in upper right of manager. By default it will point to We want … Continue reading Private NuGet Package Publishing

Sql Reporting Table Positioning

One of the problems I encountered in creating a Sql Report was in positioning a series of tables. I had a set of 6 tables. One on the left, three in the middle and two on the right. All had different and sometimes expanding heights. The problem is they were not being positioned where I … Continue reading Sql Reporting Table Positioning

Local SQL Report (.rdlc) Processing

You can run reports via SQL Reporting Services but you also have the option to run them locally and serve them via your own code. Setup Visual Studio by downloading two extensions Enable RDLC Reporting in Visual Studio 2017 Go to Visual Studio Marketplace Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer for Visual Studio - Rdlc Designer and … Continue reading Local SQL Report (.rdlc) Processing

Aurelia View with SQL Reporting Client vs Server Side Execution

I have an application with a view where I want to embed a SQL Server Report result into an iframe. Do I simply use an external src or go with a server to server execution and return the result locally? [Im just learning the limitations of wordpress with respect to it removing iframe code … Continue reading Aurelia View with SQL Reporting Client vs Server Side Execution