JH? Fort White?

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I grew up in Lake City, FL. I went to college at The University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do for various reasons but it was challenging and as far as an education goes it proved I could get it done. I then worked in the industry for a couple of years until I simply wanted to come home. Lake City does have an aircraft repair facility and that is work that I had experience in but I didn’t see a future in it. To move back I decided to change careers and become a software developer.

While part of my education in college involved writing programs, it was a very small part. Usually each class had us write a program to solve a problem in an iterative manner. My interest was in web development and that, along with Windows programming, were not part of my formal education. I am self taught in my current expertise.

For 16 years I worked at a software company that develops retirement plan administration software. My primary responsibility was the web and voice applications. When new management came in and decided to have a much harsher approach to the workforce, my manager left and I left as well. They made promises to customers that huge things would happen in an unreasonable time and then tried to force those expectations into reality, without apologies. On top of that, the parent company wanted to encourage older workers, the ones with knowledge and corresponding higher salaries, out and with the climate many took the opportunity to leave. Quick note, that management failed and were fired a couple of years later, but not after doing serious harm to the company.

I left to work for a former coworker at TCR Development, LLC, where I am a full stack developer.¬†That means I work on everything from database development, to c#.net applications and the web front end. ‘Jack of All Trades’ and sure, I would say master of none.¬† There is simply too much to know on any one subject for me to claim mastery. I’m good though and I can Google with the best of them. I get the job done.

I’m a divorced father of a young boy born in 2011. At time of writing this he just had his 7th birthday. I’m fortunate in that my job allows me to work from home every day. He is my life. At one point I wanted desperately to go back in time to fix something. Now I have to say that every thing I have done, good and bad, that made me happy or sad, led to him. As with the flapping of a butterfly’s wing, I cannot go back and change a thing without losing him. Obvious wishful thinking but thoughts I no longer pursue without chastising myself on my fortune. Though I still have regret and sorrow for things known and unknown.