A Discussion: How to Discuss

Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray in Dublin

^–This is worth your time and since I’m the one valuing your time, at this time, I get to say that. This video is about 2 hours long but every bit of it is worthwhile, even the part up front where I was wondering what in the world this is really all about and thinking maybe the person that forwarded to me had made a mistake.

Its probably the best two hours of listening to two people, sometimes three, you don’t know talking about how to agree to disagree, not disagreeing or agreeing to disagree but how to go about it, the agreeing to disagree part. Its a little on the intellectual side at times. If it helps, drink while watching it and throw miniature basketballs, or rolled up paper that you envisage as real size basketballs (side note: Yes I question why you would imagine them as miniature basketballs and not go right ahead and upsize them.), at a hoop taped to a closet door (it doesn’t have to be a closet door, it can be something else, up to you, assuming you have a choice in where a door leads). You are under no obligation to admit to understanding what they are talking about…though in the end I think you’ll know…we just won’t talk about it. It is not so much about politics and religion, though it sneaks a bit in, just to illustrate a point here and there.

I don’t know these guys. I actually agree with all three at times, sometimes all at the same time while they each disagree with one another on one or many points, sometimes partial points.

I promise you’ll find this valuable. If you don’t then I was wrong or I lied, one of the two. I won’t admit either, I never do.

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